For my HNRS 110 class, I have to write a 20 page paper on the topic of my choice, research paper of course. So far, I have some topics in mind but I have a week to think of a concrete questions. Here’s what I have so far:

EDIT: I’ve narrowed it down to these. iA, after class today, I’ll have my top three. :)

-Yemen–a culture and economy dominated by drugs (specifically, gat)

Drug Trafficking in America

Human Trafficking in South America *

-Drug trade in Afghanistan

Mexico’s drug problem

-Failure of democracy in the Middle East *

-Shariah…still very broad

-Western Hegemony…the rise of the rest.

-Psychological implications of war on children *

Conflict in South Africa

-Pakistan. A failed State? What role does the taliban play

-Solution to Afghanistan’s failed economy and infrastucture. Why is Afghanistan a graveyard for the West? *

Pornography in the Muslim world/Muslims everywhere (very risky, but there’s no doubt that it’s a huge problem)

-Extraordinary Rendition–Muslim prisoners *

-Female Teen Celeberties and them being the cause for the destruction of the world.

* Topics I am highly considering

Yes, I am a veryyyyy indecisive person. As you can see, I have some weird interst in drugs. lol.


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