Conversation: Musa(AS) and Pharaoh


Post 9. This is going to be a long one but if you can get through it, your appreciation for Musa (Alayhi Salaam) will increase tremendously. Most people already know the story of Musa (Moses) and Firown (Pharaoh) but here is a nice recap from Divine Speech. Again, since these were notes that I took while the Sh. was speaking, some things may be hard to understand with my short-hand but if you refer back to the ayaat, they will make sense Inshallah. :)


Please refer to [26:9-50]

  • Musa (AS)–I fear that they will lie against me. My chest feels tight–my tongue seizes.
  • Haroon (AS) there for support
  • I fear they will kill me (Musa AS)
  • Last fear he lists is fear that they will kill him.
  • His first fear is that he might fail the mission Allah gave him!

Allah’s response:

  • Kalla–not at all. (to all the things they may do to him)
  • Entire paragraph of fears captured in one word, Kalla
  • Fath-haba–then both of you go.
  • Allah will be listening intently. Therefore, WE need to be listening very carefully.
  • So then, Approach Firown. Say to him–NO DOUBT we are the Messenger of the Master of the Worlds.
    • We is like ONE. If I go (Musa) then he comes too (Haroon)
    • BOTH Must go in.
  • Deliver with us the sons of Israel.
  • Qala–Phirown said (Musa AS talking before). Cut seen.
  • Next, we find ourselves in the court of the King. Other details unnecessary
  • Musa (AS) fugitive; Haroon (AS) salve. How did they get in?
  • King expecting an apology
    • Inna Rasulu Rabbil Alameen.
    • Verily I am the messenger of the Lord of the Worlds.
  • BTW, Firown likes to call himself Rabb. So they have already insulted him big time.
  • Insult to the King.
  • Continues: “You better let Bani Israel come with us if you know what is good for you.”
  • Firown: Didn’t we raise you as a boy? As a new born? You spent so many years with us.–Questioning his loyalties. Not answering him. You know that thing you did? (talking about the Murder)–he’s a saying–im on your side by not telling everyone what you did. Are you denying it?
  • Musa (AS): I did do that then. And I was from the lost. Then I ran away from all of you (points at the ministers). INSULT to the King (not addressing the King, addressing the ministers) When I used to be scared of you (when I ran away) you don’t scare me any more. Then my Lord granted me firmness and made me from the Messengers. And that is in fact true, you did raise me. Are you saying that you are enslaving Bani Israel because of me? . (His tongue unknotted; incredibly precise words)
  • Firown stumped. Says: What Lord of the worlds? making ridicule. Logical fallacy.
  • Musa (AS): The Lord of the Heavens and earth and whatever is in between it all of you get convinced.–he shatters their religious beliefs.
  • Firown notices that no one is offended in his court. But they should be, shouldn’t they? He says: Why aren’t you offended? (they are stunned).
  • Musa (AS): Ignored that. He is the Master of all of you all your forefathers. He has successfully made Firown irrelevant in his own court.
  • Firown: No doubt this Messenger of yours (turns to his court and talks to the ministers) is crazy. Logical fallacy. No ideas or answers to respond with. If you dare take anyone to worship besides me, I will make sure you are of the imprisoned. (threat of force–logical fallacy). He is trying to scare the people.
  • Musa (AS): Even if I bring you something clear and clarifying?
  • Firown: Bring it forward if you are from the truthful (called him a liar and crazy)
  • Musa (AS): Staff turned into a python clarifying. Took his hands out and it turned white. Audience’s eyes fixed.
    • Began with all ears on Musa and now all eyes on Musa.
  • Firown: calls the generals. (huddle). Don’t like him. No doubt this is a knowledgeable magician. Keeps changing his story. He intends to get you expelled out of the land. You’ll be finished. For homeland security, stand against Musa. FIROWN ASKS HIS GENERALS: What should I do?? (he has been weakened) The Ministers don’t like Firown but they just don’t want to die next week. Firown–Send recruiters into the cities and bring all the knowledgeable magicians.
  • Magicians gathered for a known day (festival). Musa (AS) going around giving the message to the people. People were told, are you gathering or what? People were forced to come!
  • Perhaps we will end up following the magicians. Made to look like the heroes. Face of the campaign is not Firown, it is the magicians.
  • Firown: when the magicians approached him, they said, “We are going to get paid a lot right?” meaning that they realize how important they are. We will get paid right IF WE ARE TO WIN? They may feel unmotivated without money. Milking Phirown. He gave them more than money, You will be offered great political powers. Chief of fitnah.
  • They threw their ropes and their rods. They said: By the glory of his name…we will definitely overcome today.
  • Musa(AS) threw his staff, all of a sudden it swallowed whatever they had. This was their project. All came together like Hogwarts and they were crushed in a second!
  • Then the magicians were thrown into Sajdah. Cracked their rocks.
  • Firown confused, have we started already?
  • The magicians said: we have come to believe in the Lord of the World..oh no..not you (Firown), the Rabb of Musa and Haroon
  • Everyone is around. Champions of the national agenda have been defeated and changed parties!! Amantulahu–gave into him.
  • Firown: You (magicians) stopped fighting..He’s your leader? The one who taught you magic? He’s selling this to the crowds. I will chop of your limbs and for sure I will crucify you in public. (send shockwaves).
  • Amanna Birabbil Alameen,, rabbi Musa wa Harroon.
  • The magicians have been studying Musa (as). Oneness of Allah, Messenger, Afterlife. Must have heard this already?
  • When he said they will be chopped, they say no problem at all…”It is only to our Lord we will return anyway” they are proud about being the first of the believers.
-Fi Amanillah-

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