Lower Your Wings


This is post number 6 in the Divine Speech Series. Describing how one should have humility before their parents when the roles are switched.

Allah says in the Quran:

And lower unto them (parents) the wing of submission and humility through mercy, and say: “My Lord! Bestow on them Your Mercy as they did bring me up when I was small.” [17:24]

  1. To lower wings: Individual to his/her parents, the Messenger to his Followers
  2. Talking about birds. People are being compared with birds.
    1. So and so is raising their wings
      1. Basically meaning that he is going to fly. A sign of superiority
      2. Expression of arrogance
    2. So and so is lowering their wings
      1. Landing. Leveled or below you.
      2. Humility
      3. You have the ability of power, despite that power you are expressing servitude and powerlessness.
      4. Lower your wings to your parents.
      5. You will be in a position over your parents at some point.
      6. Before: they changed your diaper, fed you, put you to sleep, mother carried you for 9 months
      7. Mothers never take a break—as soon as you come out, you’re crying so she has to feed you.
      8. As a show of gratitude, you throw up, urinate on them, cry endlessly through the night, etc.
      9. When you are 33, you have the strength over them. Now your parents are cranky, agitated, and annoying. Despite that ability to fly (your stength), you should land before them (parents). Addition of (dhul)–powerlessness, weakness. Lower wings–like you owe the other, appear powerless.
      10. (Minarrahma)–out of mercy. Why should you lower your wings out of Mercy? Three reasons:
        1. Show this powerlessness because they showed you mercy
        2. They are at an age where they are worthy of your mercy
        3. Because you want Allah’s mercy.
    3. Used for a bird trying to protect its nest and offspring
      1. Predator comes to take eggs
      2. Bird lowers its wings and hovers over its offspring.
      3. The mother Bird takes the hit from the predator while protecting its family.
      4. The parent is protecting the child. The parent is lowering the wings
      5. In this ayah, the reverse scenario is expressed—children lower their wings for parents.
      6. Dua: Rabbirhamhuma Kama Rabbayani Saghirah.


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