Here is Post number 4 in the Divine Speech Series. This is talking about Dawah (inviting people to Islam) and the details of how the Message of Islam was revealed. Also some points about how our deeds are stored and recorded.


  1. D’wah is a lot like sales except that you are not desperate. The product we have is not something we NEED to sell but rather, something they NEED to buy. The salvation of mankind depends on it.
  2. The Kuffar would feel empowered because Rasulullah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) would care so much about them. He would grieve for them.
  3. “It may be that you (O Muhammad SAW) are going to kill yourself with grief, that they do not become believers [in your Risalah (Messengership) and in your Message of Islamic Monotheism].” [26:3]
  4. Rasulullah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) would focus on the leaders of Quraysh (Surah ‘Abasa)
  5. Whoever wants can come and whoever wants can go. Not desperate…why? Because this is a Noble Scripture from elevated, noble, and majestic speech. You should be desperate to take it, far too high above you.

“In the hands of scribes (angels)” [80:15]

“Honourable and obedient.” [80:16]

  1. How the Message was revealed–Think of how classified documents nowadays are transported:
    1. Highly classified documents delivered by high level officials in secure transportation, secretly, on a track where it cannot be attacked.
    2. Jibreel (AS). Deliverer should be strong enough to defend it. Inda zil arshi Maqeen–(right by the arsh is his position)
    3. Guards (Mutain)–he has a following…
    4. Deliverer must be honest (thamma ameen)
    5. No jinn has access to it.
  2. He’s not desperate to give it to you, you should be desperate to get it.
  3. Kiraman–noble, diligent angels. The angels on your sides know your actions; Only Allah knows your intentions and what you are thinking. That’s why on the day of judgement, the deeds will be presented but Allah will judge by intention.

“Nay! Truly, the Record (writing of the deeds) of the Fujjar (disbelievers, sinners, evil-doers and wicked) is (preserved) in Sijjin.” [83:7]

“Nay! Verily, the Record (writing of the deeds) of Al-Abrar (the pious who fear Allah and avoid evil), is (preserved) in ‘Illiyyun.” [83:18]

  1. Data Entry–you can mistype. If you are collecting data, you must also protect it (backup). Our data (deeds) are in secure places (illiyeen–deeds of good people; Sijeen–deeds of wrongdoers)

  1. “A register inscribed” [83:20]
  2. The writing in these books is sown in (marqoom). Cannot be smudged.
  3. 25:23–Someone will come on the Day of Judgement with good deeds but Allah scatters them like dust because of bad intentions. Ever try to catch dust? Impossible. They’re gone. 
  4. “And We shall turn to whatever deeds they (disbelievers, polytheists, sinners, etc.) did, and We shall make such deeds as scattered floating particles of dust.” [25:23]

Reminder for All of Us: Innamal a’malu binniyat–Verily, actions are by their intentions


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