A small token.


My cousin moved into an apartment with a friend this semester, so my sister and I decided to make her a house-warming basket…and it turned out surprisingly well Alhumdulillah. Everything we put in the basket had a story to go with it and it was just a summary of our whole Summer. I really hope she likes it. =)

btw: my sister wrote the coupon book, she can’t spell ;)

I’ll explain the randomocity of everything:
-The Tea: She loves Green Tea and is a huge health freak at times and she had some at our house that she really liked.
-The Tissues: She seems to get sick a lot
-The Snapple: One of her favorite drinks
-The Recipes: Ayesha and I love to cook and she does too, so we made a recipe box and put random recipes on index cards, labeling them as “Asma’s famous…” or “Ayesha’s famous…”
-The Lornadoone Cookies: She likes them but she always calls them LorD Doon
-The Polka-dotted box: Filled with Dove Chocolate aka some of the best chocolate in the WORLD! The post it on it is an inside joke from ages ago.
-The Freshener: Random; just make the house smell nice :)
-The Cookies: She likes them
-The Spanish Rice: I loveee Spanish Rice…so she should too!
-The Coupon Book: Includes things like “Ayesha will cook for you”, “Asma will take you out for lunch”, etc. random stuff we like to do.

Yay for another successful gift basket. =)


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