Quotes Cont.

“What does a child get when they get good grades? Candy! What do they get when they get bad grades? Go read the Quran NOW! In doing so, we are anchoring the child to link junk with pleasure and Quran with pain. No wonder many college students eat chocolate bars.”–Sh. Muhammad Alshareef

“What role does Islam play in your life? The Sahaba radi Allahu ‘anhum gave ‘full-time’ effort to this deen. We on the other hand, give the deen our ‘spare’ time.:–Sh. Riad Ouarzazi

“When you are being attacked, if you hold back your anger and stay silent for the Sake of Allah, you will see that Allah will protect you, and that the righteous people will become your defenders.”–Sh. Muhammad Al Shareef

“Righteousness is what your heart enjoys, not what your body enjoys.”–Sh. Yasir Qadhi In response to people who say that Islam is in my heart so I don’t need to show it by wearing hijab, Shaykh Saed responded: “If Islam was in here (pointing to heart) then it would show up here (pointing to head symbolizing the hijab)”– Shaykh Saed

“When you live your life fouced on death then it whould be a life worth living.. When will I die? It does not matter because everyday I am prepared to die. And that becomes your motto.” –Sh.Muhammad Alshareef

“Fear Allah, do you think your sins are so powerful that Allah [subhanawata’ala] cannot forgive them? Do you think your evil is more powerful than Allah [subhanawata’ala]’s good? Realize and understand the implications of what you are saying…the Mu’min [believer] always expects the best from Allah [subhanawata’ala]….no matter how great your sins are, Allah [subhanawata’ala] can forgive them. No matter how desperate your situation is, Allah [subhanawata’ala] can give you what you want…Verily no one despairs of the Mercy of Allah except those who disbelieve.”- Shaykh Yasir Qadhi *HUGE reflection moment should follow after reading this*

“You are what you click”–Sh. Muhammad Alshareef (referring to internet surfing)

“He who has no one has Allah”– Sh. Navaid Aziz

“People like each other, like each other”–Sh. Muhammad Alshareef

“It’s not about OBAMA change, or YO-MAMA change, it’s about the LaIllahIllallah Change!” – Shaykh Abdul Bary Yahya

‘”If you want to fly, don’t don’t sit with the chickens” (not from and instructor but I like this one)

“Whenever you have a problem, try to think of others who would wish they could swap their problems with yours as yours are easier to deal with than their own. Be thankful to Allah. Trials can bring you closer to Allah swt.”–Sh. Muhammad Alshreef

“Best of deeds is that which is closest to the sunnah and strongest in sincerity.”

“Do your best to recognise that you are being tested not only when calamity afflicts you, but also when it does not.” Sh. Muhammad AlShareef

“Always call others by their most beloved name, even at times of intense anger.”–Sh. Muhammad Alshareef

“Beware of buying into the dunya at the expense of your safety in the Akhira.”

“Make the du’a “ya Allah, keep me alive so long as living is better for me, and take my life when death is better for me”

“Brothers don’t tend to cry until they’ve reached the decision to make a change and turn around.. sisters (apparently) start crying right from the start but stop when they’ve reached the decision to change.”

“An enemy of Allah is someone who refuses to worship Allah out of arrogance, NOT ignorance.”

“Devils urge and encourage one another to divide husbands and wives and break marriages.. upon which they are increased in rank in the eyes of Iblees.”

“If at fajr time u hear the whispers comforting you to sleep a little longer.. realise that Shaytaan is right there next to your bed..speaking to you..”

“When you read verses calling unto the muslims.. stop, smile, and respond to Allah swt “Yes Allah?” pay full attention”

“Whenever you inform others that something is haram, also inform them of the halal alternative.”

“When you see someone commit a sin, remind them and yourselves that good deeds wipe away bad deeds.. and not the other way round.. give glad tidings instead of looking down at others.”

“If we muslims do as the munafiqeen and kuffar do, we will share the same end.”

“If too many good things are happening to you but you haven’t done anything righteous to deserve them, begin tawbah”

“Qur’an is not dogma – if you have questions or challenges.. go ahead and challenge till your doubts are removed.”

“The lessons you learn through trying to avoid ribah, will be more valuable than the education (you needed the ribah loan for) itself”

“When you have the guidance but leave it, you become dumb, deaf and blind, never to return (may Allah protect us)” Ameen! This is so true. SubhanAllah, so many Muslims running after the money, the dunya, the prestige of this world. May Allah keep us on the straight path. Ameen.

“A munafiq does pray.. but lazily, without devotion etc, a kafir doesn’t pray at all.”

“The kuffar have just as much right to the haqq as we do, so spread the message feesabeelillah.”

“Some brothers need a life insurance because of the way they cook.” – Sh. Saed Rageah

“Tawakkul = Not putting your trust on the medicine, but rather the Lord of the medicine”— Sh. Riad Ouarzazi

“Sometimes we ask Allah to have Mercy on the sick person. In reality, Allah is having Mercy on the sick person because his\her sins are being wiped away.”–Sh. Saed Rageah

Sh. Basyouni said in Torch Bearers Majd, that Imam Awzaee said: “No one has ever been afflicted in his deen with an affliction worse than a loose tongue.”

“Join me, Yasir Qadhi in the next Al Maghrib course, Precious Provisions, also known as the Fiqh of Shirwani and Biryani”–Sh. Yasir Qadhi


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