Ammi and Aminah left for Pakistan last Wednesday. It’s been super duper quiet around here. Normally, I would wake up to find my parents chillin outside and Aminah and Ayesha fighting over something totally uselss, like a balloon or a new pen. Since they left, Abbu goes to the Masjid for almost every prayer except Fajr, and Ayesha goes with him…which is great Alhumdulillah. And while i’m home alone, I catch up with tafseer or I read. Two days ago, I went to MC to pray Maghrib in Jama’ah. The Imam read beautifully MashAllah and during the second rak’ah he read Surah An-Naba. Before Aminah left to Pakistan she memorized surah An-Naba, An-Naziat, and Al-Abasa with me. She has some more work to do before she gets some of the following surah’s down but MashAllah, she picks it up easily. So when the Imam read surah An-Naba, I just got overly emotional because I thought of Aminah reading it and how beautifully she recited. She has such an angelic look with hijab and especially when she recites. I didn’t cry at the airport or at all after they left, but I thought I would. I guess I let it out in prayer. I probably should have been more emotional about the meaning of the Surah instead of Aminah’s recitation of it. Khair, I want Aminah back home. She’s soo funny and loud and cool, and pretty much a mini-me minus the loud part.


-Fi Amanillah-


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