One of these days InshAllah, I will hit the bed on time. InshAllah. But for now, I wanted to share some awesome quotes from the Al Maghrib instructors. Some of them really stood out to me so I’ll post those. :)

  1. “Everytime you keep away from sin is a gift from Allah”–Sheikh Saed Rageah
  2. “Women like to talk when they’re upset. If they could talk to Malik al-Maut during that time, they probably would.” — Sh. Saed Rageah
  3. “Smile! Your teeth are not awrah.” – Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

  1. “We are not teaching our children Qur’an, we are teaching them rhythm and sequences of words and letters. When we teach them how to understand and implement the words of Allah azza wa jal, then we will be teaching them the Qur’an.” -Shaykh AbdurRahman Hejazy
  2. “Your spouse is not the physical solution to your spiritual problems.”–Shaykh Yasir Birjas
  3. “What’s cookin’ good lookin’?”-Shaykh Yasir Birjas
  4. “You go into a house in which nothing reminds you of Allah, yet you expect Angels to enter that house.”–Sh. Riad Ouarzazy
  5. “The most consumed meat is human flesh-“-Sh. Muhammad bin Faqih
  6. “On Yawm al-Qiyama, Allah ‘Azza wa Jall will not ask about your rights. You will not be held responsible for giving up some of your rights. You will be asked about the rights of others which were your obligations. The believer’s mindset should be towards his/her obligations.” – Muhammad Ibn Faqih’
  7. “As soon as you go near something Allah (swa) has forbidden, the disobedience has begun.”
  8. “Any ayah in the Quran that mentions Naar will also have a fire exit.”
  9. “If you want something in your life and you aren’t praying tahajud for it then in reality you don’t really want it.”–Sh. Yasir Qadhi
  10. “Do you think that you, and you alone, can be so sinful that Allah’s mercy cannot encompass you? That you have so much ‘power’ to commit sins that the infinite mercy of Allah is powerless when faced with it?!”–Sh. Yasir Qadhi
  11. “There is an INTENSE emotional blame on money as being the cause of our problems.Money is just a magnifier of what’s in our hearts. If our hearts are sincere, money will magnify the good we can do. If our hearts are corrupt, money will magnify the harm we might do.” – Muhammad Alshareef
  12. “Ya Jama’ah?!” – Shaykh Yaser Birjas
  13. “Nowadays, people dont know the answer, and they ALSO dont know how to say “I dont know.”
    -Shaykh Abdulbary
  14. “A lot of people, especially sisters, when they get married are no longer as active in dawah. They become like flat tires. They were once inflated and exciting and doing this and doing that, then they get married and you never hear about them again.Don’t be a flat tire!!! And don’t be the obstacle for your spouse that causes them to be a flat tire!!”-Sh. Waleed Basyouni
  15. (on the pretext that men like to be pampered by their wives) “The moment a woman gets married, she has her first baby!“–Sh. Yasir Birjas
  16. “Judging someone else’s intentions only shows your own insincerity.”–Sh. Yasir Qadhi
  17. “A day that starts with the Fajr prayer, is a day worth living” – Sh. Muhammed Ibn Faqih
  18. “The more imaan you have, the less you think you have” – Sh. Yasir Qadhi
  19. “Even if parents humiliate you, you are still commanded to humble yourself before them. No man will ever be successful if he doesn’t respect his parents and gives them their due rights.” -Sh. Muhammad ibn Faqih
  20. “The reason why we are in a sorry and miserable state is because we have put the Quran aside. We have marginalized it and turned our backs against it.” -Sh. Muhammad ibn Faqih
  21. “The Qur’an is like a treasure trapped in a glass receptacle; mankind can view and benefit from this treasure, but they are in need of tafseer, for tafseer acts like the key that unlocks the treasure, so that mankind can benefit from it to the greatest possible extent.” Yasir Qadhi
  22. “If you can’t say “bismillah” (out loud or inside) before an action, you most likely shouldn’t be doing it anyway.”– Sheikh AbdulBary Yahya
  23. “When you realize your Servitude (to Allah swt), Your attitude is gratitude.” Sh. Muhammed Ibn Faqih
  24. “The voice in your head is NOT God.” – Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef
  25. “If you wanna get married pray salat al istikhara, but dont be expecting an email or txt message or even a phone call from Allah swt. No no no he does not work like that…..” Shaykh Waleed Basyouni
  26. “People always spend too much time to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have to Impress people they don’t like”– AbdulBary Yahya
  27. “Hajj either refines you or defines you”- Mohammad ibn Faqih
  28. “Saying Allahu Alim is half of knowledge” —Sh.Yaser Birjas
  29. “If you are waiting for Allah to tell you to wear the hijab, Pick up the Quran and read it.”– Sh. Waleed Baysouni
  30. “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game. [Pause]…did I say it right?” – Dr. Waleed Basyouni
  31. “Your life is either an example or a warning”–Sh. Muhammad Alshareef
  32. “Dude! Your such a loser for not attending the Seerah Class!!!” Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef
  33. “We should give Islam like the UPS guy, with a smile and without changing the package.”--AbdulBary Yahya
  34. “Ask Allah to put you in a place where you can benefit and benefit others. Ask Him to make your situation better. Sometimes in your heart, you might not want to move to a particular place, but it might be better for you or for a greater good. Have trust in Allah and remember appearences are not everything.” -Sh. AbdulBary Yahya
  35. “Once you realize that you are not knowledgeable enough to graduate….there you finally have some knowledge!” -Sh. Muhammad ibn Faqih
  36. “Generally, Muslims don’t give a good impression of Islam yet people are still becoming Muslim in large numbers. What would happen if we actually do make a good impression?”
    –Sh. AbdulBary Yahya
  37. “What are we doing with our lives, what are we really doing with our time?” — Shaykh Yaser Birjas
  38. “When people make excuses, I hate excuses. People who succeed in life don’t make excuses.”
  39. A mu’min never gets bored. That word’s not in his dictionary. He knows he has enough to do for his akhirah to be bored in this dunya! – Sh YQ
  40. “I think if everyone just focused on what they were good at, the Ummah as a whole would be much stronger. The problem is that when we are good at one thing, sometimes we get “arrogant” and think we can do everything. We cannot. We can do what we are good at. And we would love to see that same mentality adopted in other niche projects.” – Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef
  41. “Don’t cry for the sake of ‘crying’, make tawbah. Set a new standard for yourself, and never look back.”
  42. “Jinns have better things to do than to scare us.” –Shaykh Yasir Qadhi
  43. “If you don’t love Rasul Allah, then your a kafir. Simple as that.”–Sh. Abdulbary Yahya.
  44. ‘By the way… i need Dood Putti. does someone know how to make it? too many Arabs in Calgary, they don’t know Jack about Dood Putti.”–Sh. Muhammad Alshareef.

Will add more inshAllah. For now, read these, apply them, cut them out and post them on a wall, whatever you have to do to help yourself. :)

These are GEMS! SubhanAllah, I am always amazed at the hikmah of these shuyook. I hope I get to take all their classes InshAllah. :)


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