Divine Link Notes


Here are my finely typed FOS notes :) Feel free to use and them and I hope everyone benefits as much as I did. There are still a few topics outstanding but I need to find time to add them, so yea. Also, excuse my typos and ask before distributing..Jazaks.
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Here is a short clip from the class– the Shaykh demosntrating Salah ul Khawf (it’s actually pretty funny). We ended with this type of Salah and SubhanAllah, it really shows the importance of Salah regardless of the situation. We are obligated to pray Salah ul-Khawf in congregation during times of danger and there are actually different methods of making this Salah depending on where the enemy is. Moral of the story: there is absolutely NO reason, whatsoever, no matter what, for any reason, to miss ANY of the Fardh prayers. Whatever we think is so-called important (which it may be)…is not as important as Salah and if we don’t make that sincere effort to realize the importance of Salah now, on this earth, during this lifetime, then we will definitely see it’s importance in akhirah…when every. single. hasanaat. will. matter. BIG TIME.

Wallahu Ta’ala A’lam.


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