An Idol…of Dates


Once, Umar bin Khattab (ra) was seen crying and laughing at the same time.
He was asked, “Why were you crying and why were you laughing?”
He said “The reason why I was laughing was because I rememberedonce in the time of jahiliya (ignorance), I was traveling and I wanted to pray; but then I remembered that I forgot to bring my god with me. So what I did is I tried to think of a way to pray. I had some dates with me so I molded the dates into a form of an idol and I worshipped it. Later on that night, I became hungry, so I ate my idol. That’s why I am laughing”
Looking back, SubhanAllah he thought, how could I do that?
With the emergence of Islam, look at who Umar (ra) was and who he became. When we read about the Sahaba, it’s incredible to think about who they were as Muslims and how they reached that level SubhanAllah. Islam transformed them in such a short amount of time and that is truly a miracle. He went from being an idol worshiper to one of the greatest men to ever live and during his time, he ruled 2/3 of the world, all due to Islam. If that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is.
Source: The Life of the Prophet (saw) Makkan Period


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