So I’ve been thinking about some dream jobs I’d want to have iA…sometime down the road inshaAllah.. and this is what I came up with (not in order of preference, random):
1. Professor of Social Sciences
2. Social Worker
3. Sociologist
4. Researcher
5. Islamic School Teacher
6. High School Counselor
7. Alima / Homeschooling mom
10. Manager of something
10. DEA agent (drug enforcement)
11. Child psychologist for children affected by war, famine, trafficking, drugs, etc.
12. Marriage counselor
13. Muslim Women support group worker or creator (like for women convert to Islam or women affected by domestic violence, homelessness, etc.)
As we move into a very different world…one in which there are polar opposites in terms of religion, ideologies, philosophies, etc. I find that my entire outlook on being a working individual is drastically changing from what I had in mind a while ago.
My take is that one of the ways we can begin rebuilding (or building) our Muslim communities from the bottom-up is to pay people according to their credentials and hire them for their expertise. We need Muslim administrators, teachers, counselors, technicians, etc. etc. (i would say doctors but we have enough of those Alh.)
-Fi Amanillah-

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