6 Hours

I just spent six hours writing….I mean, non-stop..
okay, that’s a lie, we had a like 2 ten minute breaks but yea, my hand cramp is ridiculously annoying, and on top of I have another, delightful 4 hour Spanish exam tomorrow morning… :)
About today’s exam, not that I want to think about it but just a quick recap, I think i dominated..at least I hope I did. U.S. was fairly easy, MP was straightforward and the essays were also pretty good. I knew what I was talking about luckily and had about 3 pages per essay, 4 total…so a total of 13 pages, in about an hour and 40 minutes. They asked pretty basic stuff, House, Senate, differences between the two, and the use of media, and I can’t remember the rest, hah brain fry.
For comparative gov, I’ll be lucky if I get a a 3 at most. I clearly recall yawning after every other question and the person next to me was asleep 20 minutes into the comp exam so that didn’t help. All the questions were super nit-picky and I just wasn’t all that prepped for it. But the comparative free response wasn’t too bad. Pop growth rates in Iran vs. China, Mao’s Policies, Illiberal vs. Liberal Democracy, Mexico and GB electoral systems, colonialism, etc. If I can pull off a high score on the essays, I think I can maybe get a 4 but for now I’m aiming for a 3. InshAllah, hoping for the best. :)

TOMORROW is what I’m more worried about. SPANISH!!!! gahhh, :O
Listening, i’ll be fine. nothing too complicated. Reading, ehhh…a little harder considering im not too good with critical reading and then doing it in a semi-foreign language is more of a challenge, and half the words they use i never knew even exited. Writing, i totally have to rock this part if I want to even get near a 4. Spanish writing isn’t too bad, the formal is 5 paragraphs which seems daunting at first but it’s really a matter of synthesizing…easy peezy..i hope.
SPEAKING………uhh, I’ll be proud of myself if I can even get a word out of my mouth. You know, it’s not that I can’t speak Spanish, it’s just that stupid beeping sound that makes my heart jump and totally freaks me out. But I did lots of practice yesterday and today so im hoping that helps. Watch the prompt be something totally different from what i prepped for … that would be an epic Fail.



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