Everywhere I’m Looking Out…I’m Surrounded by Their Grace"

I have that nasheed stuck in my head now, thank you MCS Hawks. :)
MashAllah, it was such a beautiful nasheed. I can’t believe I missed out on MIST for so many years!! But, Alhumdulillah, I had a spectacular time with my super cool team (Al-Ghurabaa!) and we definitely left contradicting our name (strangers) lol. Alhumdulillah I won second in Knowledge Test and Website and 3rd in Scholastic Bowl. All of which were unexpected considering I was totally blown away by the talent at MIST MashAllah. I wanted to write a blog about everything that happened to me last week (waitlists from UVA and W&M, got my first speeding ticket, and some weird stuff at work, etc. etc.) but I just don’t have time to write about all that stuff and I’ve gotten past most of it. Luckily, since I was so busy last week with MIST, I didn’t have too much time to be upset with  myself for not getting into uva or wm. Oddly enough, I was walking through school on Tuesday and I saw a few of my friends wearing wm t-shirts and uva sweatshirts…and suddenly I just had a brakdown…i mean it was badddd. sooo soooo bad. Alhumdulillah, it was the end of the day so most of it happened in the car. I just kept telling myself that Allah will guide me to whatever is best for me and therefore, crying will get me absolutely nowhere. :) So now, I am cool with everything and I decided i’ll stay on the waitlist but I doubt I’m going to either college. My original intent was to see if I could get in, and I got my answer.

Aminah is going to turn 10 in October iA, so I’m trying to get her prayers straight before she hit the big 1 0 lol. MashAllah, I am so proud of her. She hasn’t missed a single prayer in two days AND she has read the Quran and at least 2 Hadith each day as well! MashAllah MashAllah, I am super proud of her and may Allah (swa) keep her on this path for as long as she lives (and me too). Ameen.
Basically, what I did was make a schedule for her on Excel. A horizontal checklist for each prayer, Quran Recitation, and Hadith (2). I was so happy when she woke me up for Fajr today, and I totally hopped out of my bed knowing that if I didn’t, she may go off track. As for Hadith and Quran, she reads two Hadith with my after Asr and Quran after Maghrib so that spaces things out for both of us. What I really miss about my childhood Islamic studies is that rush that I would get from knowing and applying. I want to instill that same desire in her and IshAllah when she reaches ages 15+ (scary ages, as I like to call them) she won’t have too much trouble continuing to pursue the knowledge she is gaining now. In order to make this whole process rather formal and serious, I made and official notebook for her (Title Page, Table of Contents, tests and all) so she’ll always have something to go back to. I’ve noticed that she’s a visual learner so I have her right down basic, fundamental things which I will test her on a few weeks later iA. Instead of having a separate book for tajweed, hadith, and basic shari’ah, I’ve decided to do it all in one so whatever I come across, it’ll go in the same book. This is definitely an experiment/challenge for me considering I have never taught before and teaching a sibling is hard enough as it is. May Allah (swa) make this easy for me and may He accept my niyyah. Ameen:)

Lastly, this is something I would recommend for all older siblings because as we grow older in the West, we can easily lose track of that authentic Islamic knowledge we were used to as kids. So to keep ourselves close to the Quran and Sunnah, what better way to learn and implement than actually teaching someone younger than you who will obviously look up to you anyway. That said, I have noticed so many changes in my sister in just two days! I am so excited to see how she progresses InshAllah. :)

photo credit: Shaykh Google ibn Internet


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