A Message to Callers to Stop Running after $$$$s


I came across this humbling post on Imam Suhaib Webb’s page and just had to post it. SubhanAllah.

“I was talking to a friend of mine and he told me that His MSA organized an event inviting a speaker. After they agreed, posted the fliers and spread the word like Ebola, the speaker called back and said, “By the way, I need 5 Gees to speak!” The brothers and sisters were like, “Man, we are the MSA not Wells Fargo!” However, the speaker refused to show unless they brought the dough!


I went to London and the local organization complained about an international speaker who refused to stay in his hotel room. When asked why he said, “I must have a jacuzzi in my room!”


A big Qari came to the West and visited a local masjid. He told them, “I charge 8 hundred dollars per Rakah!”

All of these stories I relate on behalf of brothers and sister who I trust and were deeply hurt by the actions of these people. This is a reminder to those active in Dawa: Fear Allah and follow the likes of those who went before us:

1. Dr. Jamal Badawi- I remember he was invited to an event raising money for Palestine in L.A. He told the brothers, “Don’t worry about the expenses, I pay for my tickets. Use the money for Palestine!”

2. Siraj Wahaj- Never asked for anything more than the average and always smiles.

3. Dr. Tariq Ramadan- Once he came from his home to the Bay area before he was banned by Bush. We took him to a real nice hotel and he refused saying, “I don’t want this. Put me in a simple place.” He refused and made us take the less expensive option

4. Sh. Syed Gibril, the brother of Mohammad and our teacher, he refused to stay in a hotel room with a T.V, he ordered the brothers to take the fridge out because it had beer in it, when the brothers came to him the next day, the found him sleeping in the closet complaining about the fitnah of this dunya.

5. Hassan al-Banna was asked, “Why do you travel economy?” His response, “Because there is no third class.”

This doesn’t mean we neglect our workers and let them stay in a dump. But, workers in the Dawa need to be on the lookout that they are not falling for the C.R.E.A.M attitude as articulated nicely many years ago:

Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Get the money
Dollar, dollar bill y’all

Imam al-Muhasibi said, “Don’t sell your din for this dunya.”

Fear Allah and stop bleeding the community.”


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