MIST bball…


MIST bball is today, and i can’t sit still for some reason. I just hope they have fun and come back happy. Some of them hard to please but iA, they’ll benefit and make lots of new buddies! :)

I am kind of regretting signing up for scholastic bowl…i mean considering it’ll be in front of like EVERYONE and there’s BUZZERS and other teams that we’ll be competing with, it just seems like a lot of pressure. I think its just a matter of studying really well and having super awesome buzzer skills (captain obvious). But still, the pressure will get to me though I must make sure everyone brings their A game. It’s the whole team or no team and they need to be able to depend on each other. If we do well, awesome. If not, then I’ll just use hindsight and say that it was our first time. lame.

These past few weeks have been interesting. I’ve been busy with school but my focus has been elsewhere. I know where it’s been though, so that’s good. I hear back from William and Mary pretty soon InshAllah, and I believe UVA will be sending letters too. InshAllah, I hope I get in, not necessarily because I will/desperately want to go there, rather I just want to know if I am capable. I honestly cannot picture myself dorming and living the lifestyle I currently live while living on campus. Or even if I could, it just seems rather difficult…wearing abaya and all and ive seen how a lot of college MSA’s become like this super tight-knit group of people that totally confide in each other, learn together, grow together, etc and that’s awesome and all but I’m just way to private to be able to do that. Khair, I really do like Mason and the Honor’s college accepted me Alhumdulillah and I have a scholarship so why not, you know? Why make my life difficult…i dunno, and again, to be honest, though I am a proactive person and I want to work in the future iA, Islamically speaking, my biggest goal as a Muslimah would be to be an amazing mother (raising children properly, homeschooling perhaps) and wife InshAllah. So in order to do that, I would have to be with them for most of my day and work part time, or something. I guess it all just depends on where life takes me, I mean sure I want to travel and explore and learn as I always have and I think that would be totally possible if I got to live the kind of life that I truly wish to live. Simple and Muslim-fied InshAllah. So, just to end..I will be more than happy if I get in to either W&M or UVA or both but in the end, I know that it would be a lot easier for me to practice Islam to the best of my ability if I choose to go to Mason. Allah (swa) is the best of planners and I pray that he plans the best for me, whatever will benefit me in dunya and akhirah. Ameen. I make this dua for all my brothers, sisters, friends, family, etc. :)

SubhanAllah Wabihamdihi SubhanAllah hiladheem, Wabihamdihi Astaghfirullah.
…so what’s on your mind?


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