"My Ummah, My Ummah!"


I found this and I thought I should share and inshaAllah i hope it benefits everyone.

“The more I see the suffering of my ummah, the more I miss him more and more. . I wonder if he was here, like a father, he would wrap his arm around us. Wiped the tears from our eyes, reminded us of the reward of sabr. His soft speech would take us to the journey of jannah, and whispered silently, “This life is a prison for the believer.” I would feel secure having him there; I would know his advice is the best. He said he loves us, his sisters and brothers, even when we weren’t born. Imagine some one loved you 1400 years before you were born……

I wish I saw the best of creation at least for one glance….but khair, we do not have him here with us, yet his sunnah is with us. Following his sunnah, his path, we get to know him more and the more we know him, the more we weep if we could have him now….. How blessed were those who saw him alive. I wish I see him only for once…

all the hardship and suffering he went through just so we can have our kalimah…so that me and you claim openly that “we are muslim/ah” it hurts me when I see how ungrateful we are…our deen came to us like a piece of cake…we were not prosecuted to believe in oneness of Allah, like Bilal having a huge rock on his chest, shouting “Ahad Allah. Ahad Allah”

Now that alhamdulellah our deen is established and our ummah is huge, lets not take for granted the pain he went through…the blood they sacrificed…the humaliation he went through….the least we can do to show our contribution to the message of Islam, is to maintain the dignity of our deen by being good muslims. the muslims who Prophet Mohammad salAllahu’alaihi wasallam told us to be…imagine how he would feel if he was here now with us…seeing his ummah torn apart. you know and I know he would be hurt….if we love our rasulAllah….the man who loved us more then any other man in the world, the man who showed us the path to jannah, the man who brought the Qura’n and the man who ordered a woman is not less then a man…she is not a disgrace.. don’t bury her alive…he freed us from the slavery of ignorance, he gave us our rights and ensured our men treat us well… sahabah, wept if a thorn would have hurt Mohammad salAllahu’alaihi wasallam, they rather preferred their entire family be prosecuted …. Can we claim we love rasulAllah like them? But what hurts more is that even when we don’t love him enough, he loved us a lot…he made dua for our entry into jannah…. he asked Allah to forgive us our sins…

on the day of judgement when out of All man kind Allah gives him the permission to ask for WHATEVER he want and it will be granted, the day in which everyone shouts “Nafsi Nafsi” he would prostrate to Allah, and ask, “Ya Allah…. my Ummah, my ummah” , we would be ashamed if in front of RasulAllah. lets wake up and be real Muslims.

My brothers you are men of this ummah, please do not break. Please be MEN and protect your sisters. Your humble walking gesture and your gaze in the position of Ruk’u is enough to make you stand out in the crowd. Don’t fall in to traps of shaitan ….you need to be strong so we need to depend on you, you must be strong so you protect us well.

I feel so sad…our ummah is in pain and we Muslims turn our back to them….when was the last time we made du’a for them…and asked Allah to reduce their pain? are we the Muslims who rasulallah told us to be…..I feel disgraced of myself but I know we can change…we can be the ummah Mohammad salAllahu’alaihi wasallam wants us to be.”

May Allah reward the write of this beautifully written, tearful reminder. Ameen.


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