I didn’t think the break would go by as fast as its going, but it is. Maybe it just feels like that cause i was working most of the break. but im happy i got my apps done Alhumdulillah. Now the waiting begins…till March. The most I can really do is just hope that I get in to all the colleges I applied to and InshAllah..make the best decision about where to go. I am mentally prepared to maybe (hopefully not, InshAllah) get rejected from William and Mary and UVA since most of TJ applies there.

it’s hard to believe 2008 is over. not just that but im a little worried that second semester is also about to start which means that i will probably slack off to some extent. the attendance lady already knows my by name so im pretty sure she’ll think something is up if i keep coming to school late.

i had a jamaat at my house from saturda-monday. it doesn’t seem that long, but when you’ve got 12 people..scratch that…
12 men; 7 of them teenagers…in your house for 48 hours, time seems to go by extremely slow. Alhumdulillah, all went well…except for the fact that they wanted weights so they could exercise…and unfortunately, i only had 10 lb. weights..

-Fi Amanillah-


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