Where Anaamii Go?


Anaam leaves tomorrow.

I’m promising myself that I need to at least try to hold back the tears but i doubt that’ll happen. Out of all the people I have come across in my short lifetime, she has been and will always be my favorite sister, friend, partner in crime, sanity, right hand, and my person to turn to in times of happiness and hardship. She’s been there through all my triumphs and failures, my righteous efforts and regretful mistakes, my beginning and hopefully, my future. I know it might sound creepy, gross, awkward, whatever but if I could possibly ask for the husband of my dreams, he would have to be the replica of Anaam but in male form of course. She’s one of the very few people I click with and I am never more myself, than I am when I’m with her. But I told myself that this isn’t the end of all our adventures, endless laughter, late night rants, venting, attempts at cooking, embarrassing moments, you-tubing, card games, walks to the park, car rides with air blowing through our hijabs, and looonggg Islamic oriented discussions. Rather, it’s only the start. Sure, I won’t see her as much but she’s only two hours aways so I can go see her whenever I want. Right? Hopefully. And there’s always Facebook. After college, she’ll get married InshAllah and after that, there’ll be kids to play around with, and after that we’ll be mid-aged but still acting like the kids we are at heard, and after that we’ll be grandparents! haha, wow that was wayyy into the future, which sometimes seems like, may not even exist for our generation. Weird.
Anyway, the point is that Anaam is awesome, she’s almost cooler than Superman but she’s pretty close. There are tonss of things ill miss about Anaamiii but the biggest is definitely her sense of hum and her genuineness as a human being. Her laughter and humor surpasses anyone’s and everyone’s and she’s jsut a wonderful person. And I’m not just saying that because she’s my cuzzo. I hope the folks at VCU take good care of her but I know she’ll be fine there.

I love you Anaam and I hope you have a super duper time at VCU. May Allah put barakah in your studies and keep you safe from any harm or fitnah. May He grant you success while you’re there and after you leave InshAllah. Though I want you to meet many great people at VCU, I honestly hope you don’t meet someone as cool as me. haha, jk. Peeaacccceeeeeee Nigg.

-Fi Amanillah-


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