Your Hands?!


Once a person came to Hasan Al Basri (RA),

The person said, “I am a poor person, pray to Allah so that He gives me some money, Make Dua to Allah as I don’t have much money”

Hasan Al Basri (Rahimahullah) looked at him, and said, “If I give you a 100,000 gold coins, would you give me your hands?”

The person said of course not!!! I am not going to give up my hands!!!??,

Hasan Al Basri said, what about for your feet?

He said “No way!”

Hasan Al Basri, “How about your eyes?”

“No, not even my eyes” The person replied

Hasan Al Basri, “How bout your good health?”

“No, not even my health”

So Hasan Al Basri said, “You are a walking millionaire and you are complaining to Allah about your wealth??? You have treasures beyond imagination, yet you have the audacity to complain that you don’t have enough money?”

We might not realize many of the true blessings from Allah, but there might be things (blessings) which we do not see and comprehend, as our short sightedness does not see.

Notes for – Lecture: Dua the Weapon of a Believer
Shaykh Yasir Qadhi


3 thoughts on “Your Hands?!

  1. MashaAllah.I’ve been trying to listen to the lecture. InshaAllah I shall do soon. Soo true we tend to forget the blessings Allah gave us! MayAllah guide us to the right path.

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